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Aeraulic systems ofClean rooms

Definition of the clean room ventilation system

Several characteristics must be taken into account to characterize the aeraulics of a clean room

  • Debit

    • The dustiness classification of the room will impact the mixing rates. The more demanding the class, the greater the mixing rate and the filtration systems.

    • Possible production of the process

    • heat dissipation

  • Temperature and hygrometric treatment of areas

    • Heat and/or hygrometric dissipation of the process

    • Volume of fresh air to be considered

      • Process related

      • Linked to the number of people present in the area

      • Linked to aeraulic compensation systems (free cooling for example)

  • Air distribution

    • the target dustiness class

    • debits

    • the distribution of aeraulic flows in the areas considered

    • Sizes of distribution ducts in relation to the flow rates considered

    • The chosen filtration system

  • Aeraulic process equipment (CTA, hot and cold production unit, GTC management)

    • Location (indoor/outdoor, distance

    • Hot cold production

    • Energy impact

    • Maintenance

    • Parameter Tracking


With these examples, the definition of aWhite roommeets multiple interfering criteria.

Isalys Clean Room is able to define a concrete preliminary project. So you can challenge the proposals of our technical teams and be able to choose the equipment adapted to your requirements.


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