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The Clean rooms in the field of Life Science

In general we find:

  • The pharmaceutical industry

    • For example injectable / semi solid / applicable / ingestible products

  • The cosmetics industry

    • Product in contact with the skin

  • The chemical industry

    • Product of controlled synthesis

  • Medical devices

    • Single-use consumable

    • Implants

    • Medical equipment


These areas meet the requirements of local or international regulations (ANSM / FDA / CFR / …). Through the conduct and mastery of the processes, theWhite roommakes it possible to secure the processes integrated or to be integrated.

We thus find the requirements of the domain related to thegood manufacturing practices (GMP)WhereGood Manufacturing Process (GMP).

ISALYS Clean Room is able to define preliminary projects in order to allow you to decide when launching your project in development:

  • Design definition via mock-up

  • Process integration

  • Validation of solutions

You wish to develop a pharmaceutical project with clean room requirements, the designers of Isalys Clean Room and the experts of Isalys Life Sciences are at your disposal.


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