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General information on cleanrooms

The clean room or clean room is an environment in which the particulate rate of the volume considered is controlled in a “Controlled Atmosphere Zone” (hereinafter CAZ). This particulate control allows the minimization of the introduction, generation, and retention of particles in the considered areas.
The choice of this type of installation is mainly linked to the production for regulatory needs and/or quality requirements.
Clean rooms are then specific environments linked to the production to be protected or allow the improvement of the production environment. Parameters such as temperature, hygrometry, and pressure, can also be part of environmental control.

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The ISO norm classifies the levels of requirement

The standards adapted to the cleanroom environment are the following: NFS90-351 and ISO 14644. For example, we find these requirements in a pharmaceutical laboratory. 

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Design of a clean room

The definition of the various components of a clean room environment is a criterion that determines the technical and economic dimensions. Here are a few examples of how to design your cleanroom


Constructive elements of a cleanroom

The choice of materials for the cleanroom environment must therefore meet the needs defined by the process and/or by the regulatory requirements related to the processes. 

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Cleanrooms in the field of life sciences

These fields meet the requirements of local or international regulations (ANSM / FDA / CFR / ...). By conducting and controlling these processes, the clean room makes it possible to secure the integrated or future integrated processes.

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Design of a clean room

The definition of the different components of a clean room environment is a technical and economic dimensioning criterion. We present here some examples impacting the design of your clean room


Clean rooms in the industrial field

Many industrial sectors use constrained environments. They are generally called cleanrooms / clean rooms or even grey rooms.

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