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The technical challenges of clean rooms

The choice of materials constituting the clean room / clean room environment must meet the needs defined by the process and/or by the regulatory needs related to the processes

  • A structure suitable for a clean room environment

    • Wall/Partitions

    • Ceiling

    • opening

    • Glazed frame

    • Integration of adapted luminaires (LED / Inactinics / lighting rendering / energy consumption)

  • Air distributionin areas via a box or aeraulic network taking into account the specific dust classification (ISO class or GMP class)

    • Autonomous box and/or Air handling unit

    • Aeraulic distribution network

    • Hot and/or cold production system

    • Integration of the production / building environment

    • Pressure cascades

    • Energy impacts of equipment

  • Clean room floor

    • Characteristic of the original soil

    • Washability / finish

    • Electrical dissipation

    • Weight of means of production or logistics implemented in the area

    • Final render

  • Integration of means of production and production flow

    • machinery

    • Installation of removable panels

    • Equipment maintenance

    • Power supply

    • Utilities: Fluid distribution and/or evacuation (gas / air / water / …)

    • SAS entry and/or exit material / product

    • 'Walking forward'

  • Integration of personal flows

    • Personal SAS

    • type of clothing

    • Security integration (Emergency exit / BAE / … )

    • This step forward is all the more important in pharmaceutical clean rooms

  • Integration of adapted furniture

    • Materials choice

    • Ergonomics in view of the dressing recommendations


Thanks to its multidisciplinary team, Isalys Clean Room makes its skills available to define an environment in line with your requirements. Contact us

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