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Design of a Cleanroom

The definition of the different components of an environment clean rooms is a technically and economically dimensioning criterion. We present here some examples impacting the design of your clean room


Definition of clean room partitioning

It must meet HSE parameters / fire resistance insurance.

This choice of panel will impact

  • Mechanical resistance of the next panel

    • Panel thickness

    • Panel lengths

    • Number of cutouts

    • Possibility of taking up loads from the ceiling

    • Etc

It will also respond to the choice of panel finishes. Depending on the ISO classification and/or the user's choice, the finishes may be of types

  • flush

  • semi-flush

  • a mix of both


Definition of clean room openings

This must meet personal flow parameters / production flow and HSE

The choice of openings will take into account

  • Sash sizes

  • The frequency of use

  • The cost

  • The need for a door interlocking system (for airlocks for example)

  • Air leak rates

  • The pressure deltas on either side of the opening

  • Air shower integration

The type of panel finish or the fire resistance characteristics of the panels will have an impact on the choice of openings.


With these examples, the definition of aWhite roommeets multiple interfering criteria.

Isalys Clean Room is able to define a concrete preliminary project. So you can challenge the proposals of our technical teams and be able to choose the equipment adapted to your requirements.


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