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The Clean rooms in the industrial field

Multiple industrial sectors make use of constrained environments. We will talk about Clean room even of gray room.

The terminology used will depend on the fields and the understanding of the interlocutors. However, only ISO class type requirements and/or FS209E will define the characteristics of the room.


These areas may relate to environments for medical and pharmaceutical devices. Life Sciences clean room environment concepts will be used. The principles of GMP and/or GMP will define the requirements of the controlled atmosphere area.

The classifications will nevertheless be adapted to the means of production implemented and the end use of the product thus manufactured.


Production quality requirements are also at the origin of the use of controlled atmosphere zones.

Production assembly or the use of high value-added processes may require control of the particulate rate of the production environment. The objective of the approach for qualitative purposes is to meet the standards of the industrial field considered.

We find this type of need in the electronics / aeronautics / optics field. Indeed, particles can create major defects in the products produced / processes developed. Therefore, controlling the contamination of these areas makes it possible to meet production quality requirements.

ISALYS Clean Room is able to define preliminary projects in order to allow you to decide when launching your project in development:

  • Design definition via mock-up

  • Process integration

  • Validation of solutions

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