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ISALYS CleanRoom

ISALYS CleanRoom is a subsidiary of ISALYS. We are dedicated to ensuring that your laboratories and clean rooms perform at the highest levels. We focus on industries with high contraints.


Our Belief:

  • We take pride in delivering eco-friendly and innovative production equipment of the highest quality are critical success factors to achieve growth and sustainability for professionals operating in sectors with strong safety and regulatory constraints.

  • Smart investments in production capacities to enhance quality, productivity, and innovation are key success factors.

Our vision

We thrive to become a trusted firm in delivering gray rooms, clean rooms and controlled laboratories. We are here to accompany you from the beggining of the process right through to the end.

Our ambition

To establish ourselves as a firm known for quality, determination and technical excellence.

To give professionals working in highly regulated industries with high constraints the opporunity to build or renovate their production premises so that their day to day operations become smoother.

Our mission

Our objective is to help you design, build, renovate and maintain your gray rooms, clean rooms and controlled laboratories.

Through extensive planning and precise execution, we will work to give you the tools to reduce your production costs and boost your efficiency.

  • Communication: Listening and communicating with respect and transparency

  • Excellence : Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Entrepreneurship : Helping you and your development projects

  • Pride : Using our extensive knowledge and experience to make your life easier

  • Humility : Looking out for technological improvements and movements in industries to always improve our services and meet present industry standards

  • Pleasure : Ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers

Our values

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