Science Lab
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Objectives and activity

Our objective: boost your overall productivity by improving your productivity and the quality of your processes.

We take into account the most recent local regulations (ISO 14644-1) along with building protocols and working environments. We focus on sectors and industries with high regulatory contraints.


Pharmaceuticals & Health


Your needs

  • Clean rooms are fundamental in the production of pharmaceuticals.

  • At ISALYS CleanRoom, we are aware of industry standards and we thrive to meet these standards and go beyond them to assure that your tailor-made solutions can help you produce your pharmaceutical goods with the proccesses that you are used to.

Our commitments

  • Analysis and design of traffic flows and utility networks

  • Compliance with ANSM, EMA, FDA, ANVISA, PLVA authorities

  • Control of building and safety constraints in accordance with GMPc/BPF

  • Management of regulatory qualifications

  • Selection of pharmaceutical laboratory equipment


Your needs

  • The substances handled in biotechnology are in the micrometre or nanometre range.

  • Without the cleanroom, particles in the unpurified air, which can be much larger, can attach themselves to these tiny substances, which can impair their quality or performance.

Our commitments

  • Protection of personnel who may be contaminated

  • Control of the risks of contamination of micro-organisms to the outside world

  • Guarantee of the framework of chemical or bacteriological experiments carried out

  • Mobilization of the group's expertise (gene therapy, genome sequencing or stem cells)




Your needs

The food industry is subject to the constraints of clean rooms in the industrial premises where foodstuffs are processed. The slightest error would cause contamination on a scale that is difficult to control; the controlled environments at the heart of this industry contribute to the protection of human health.

Our commitments

  • Guarantee of perfect protection of processed products

  • Provision of cold chain control solutions.

  • Design of processes to control the use of preservatives

  • Integration of storage and processing constraints according to the products


High tech & Electronics


Your needs

The high-tech sector requires cleanrooms and associated controlled environments in which it is necessary to control the concentration of airborne particles, temperature, humidity and pressure.

Our commitments

  • Choice of materials to protect your components with conductive and antistatic finishes

  • Proposal of fireproof solutions

  • Mastery of the noise standards in force

  • Selection of chemical resistant solutions



Your needs

Cosmetic products are intended to be placed in contact with the superficial parts of the human body; their production requires the setting up of rooms in controlled environments of the highest level.

Our commitments

  • Compliance with good manufacturing practices in cosmetics (ISO 22716)

  • Agility to support your product renewals

  • We guarantee compliance with the most recent international regulatory requirements

  • Ensures ad hoc regulatory monitoring